Pack x4 DAVIDA Happy Snack Mix


    DAVIDA Happy Snacks is a delicious and fun way to enjoy the best of Colombian cocoa. Find an ideal balance of chocolate, freeze-dried fruits, baked goods and more ... Always carry them with you!

    1 Package DAVIDA Happy Noah: Mix of walnut biscuit covered with milk chocolate and freeze-dried pineapple chunks,

    1 DAVIDA Happy Tiago Package: Quinoa Mix covered with white chocolate, Pretzels covered with semisweet chocolate, Pretzels in a bun and Freeze-dried banana pieces

    1 Package DAVIDA Happy Savia: Mix of Quinoa covered with milk chocolate flavor bubble gum and pieces of freeze-dried strawberry.

    1 DAVIDA Happy Family Package: Quinoa Mix covered with semisweet chocolate, Pretzels in a bun, Semisweet chocolate pieces with caramel & sea salt and Freeze-dried pineapple chunks.


    Percentage of cocoaAssorted


    DAVIDA Happy coloring pages

    Explore the tropical cocoa forest with the little ones in the house with our set of DAVIDA Happy world coloring sheets. Share the results of their works art on your social networks and tag @chocolatesdavida

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